UPC Collective Communication Working Group

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This is a summary of the UPC Collective Communication Working Group presented at the Second UPC Workshop, March 12-13, 2002, at George Washington University. The deadline for the proposed standard is September 1, 2002.

A reference implementation will be prepared to accompany the proposed standard.

UPCCC Working Group volunteers
Francois Cantonnet George Washington Univ.
Siddhartha Chatterjee IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
James Fry Compaq
Terek El-Ghazawi George Washington Univ.
Parry Husbands LBNL
David Greenberg Center for Computing Services
P. Sadayappan Ohio State University
Lauren Smith NSA
Steve Seidel Michigan Tech
Elizabeth Wiebel College of William and Mary
Kathy Yelick Berkeley

Contact Steve Seidel with comments, additions, and corrections for this summary.