This is a small collection of codes that have been written in UPC. These codes weren't necessarily written to be read, so their utility as tutorial material might be limited.

Bin Sort

A parallel implemenation of bin sort.

Fish and sharks

This is an annotated version of a mock "predator/prey" model that was used to study the use of Z-ordering for 2-dimensional data and to show that UPC facilitates reading and writing random scalar data into a large shared array.

Computing Large Histograms

The fish and sharks application above motivated a separate study of the problem of computing large sparse histograms. By sparse we mean that the histogram table is large enough that the probability that two threads try to update the same cell at the same time is small.

Morton Z-ordering

A library that can be used for converting cartesian indices to Z-order indices for 2-dimensional arrays.

Hash Tables

A study of different implementations of parallel hash tables
Last modified 3/3/06